12/23/2008 at 6:24 pm 1 comment

Hey hey girlies!  Today was a bit boring for me since I didn’t do much at all, but I know I need all the energy I can get for work tomorrow morning.  I go in at 5 a.m. and get off at 1:45.  Talk about a drag!

Anyways, this afternoon I was going a bit mad since I hadn’t done anything productive since going to the gym.  I headed over to Barnes & Noble, aka my second home and walked around, looking at all the books I wish I could buy.  I seriously could spend all day in that store – it never gets old.  I ended up buying The Parent’s Guide To Eating Disorders.  I skimmed through it a little and it seems like a really good book to read.  I’ll of course show my mom, but who knows if she’ll read it or not.  She’s not much into reading like I am.  Has anyone else read this book? 


After I got home, I caught up on some blog reading, watched a bit of t.v. and then decided that I wanted that same Lean Cuisine pizza that I had last night for dinner.  I’m boring, I know.  🙂  I ran out of mushrooms so I only put on some baby greens.  I also decided to top the pizza with the salsa instead of on the side.  It was much better this way!  On the side I had my Thin Crisp crackers.  Delicious way to end a looong day. 


Well right now I’m watching The Bourne Supremacy on t.v.  I LOVE the Bourne movies; what about you guys?  I just love an action-packed movie.  I still haven’t watched Hancock but hopefully I’ll be able to watch it tomorrow sometime.  I hope you have a good night tonight and I will see you bright and early tomorrow!  I still can’t believe that I have to be at work by 5.  This is going to be a challenge…


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Keep Pluggin’ Along I Should Be Sleeping

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  • 1. lauren  |  12/24/2008 at 4:01 am

    i heard hancock was a great movie !!
    im sure ur mum will read that book if u give it to her, if itll help you then you should suggest it to her.
    your dinner looks really yummy 🙂
    hope ur having a nice xmas eve

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