Let The Relaxing Begin

Good afternoon girlies!  Sorry I was absent last night and this morning – I just didn’t feel up to posting last night.  (I also ended up falling asleep, so that was part of it too!)  And this morning, my mom’s boyfriend, my mom and I went to Tulare to go have breakfast and do some small shopping. 

Let’s backtrack to last night – for dinner I had a cup of Trader Joes Tomato Soup and an english muffin with cream cheese.  I must tell you guys that this is the BEST tomato soup I’ve come across.  I am always buying more to stock up in case they ever run out.  😛  You never know with Trader Joes – some products just disappear over there! 


When we got to Tulare, we stopped at the usual IHOP that we always go to.  I ended up getting the Garden Scramble off the IHOP For Me section.  I love this – I almost always get this every single time I go there.  I can never finish the whole thing though; I cleaned my plate except for one pancake. 

After breakkie, we went to the BEST Target ever: this Target has a lot more variety than the one at home.  I ended up getting some chocolate croissants and two Erin Baker Breakfast cookies!  I also bought a Diet Dr. Pepper (again!) for the trip home. 


I am so having one of these croissants for breakfast tomorrow, since I’ll be up at 3 a.m.  I was so excited to find the Erin Baker cookies since they are no where to be found where I live.  I almost ordered them online, and I’m glad I didn’t because they were only $.99 a piece!  I probably should’ve gotten more, but I’ll stock up next time we drive to Tulare. 

When we got back, I went to get my oil changed in my car, then headed to the gym.  I warmed up on the bike for almost 10 minutes, then did 20 minutes on the elliptical, THEN cooled down with 10 minutes of walking on the treadmill.  Overall a good workout, but I felt a little weak.  Another reason I need to remind myself to eat more.  Gah! 

I still haven’t had lunch yet but I will pretty soon since my blood sugar is starting to drop.  I will (maybe) see you guys later on today!  Lata.


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Got It!

I ordered my new camera today.  It’s a Canon Powershot SX110IS 9MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom.  I’m pretty excited, as I haven’t had a new camera in a long time, so it will be interesting to figure this thing out. 

Today was a very chill day – besides work.  I went to the gym and did my warm-up on the bike, then 25 minutes on the elliptical.  I think I need to bring a magazine or something with me, as today I got very bored; I almost got off and went home.  : P 

My snack at work was my always faithful Peanut Butter Balance bar.  From there, I went to the gym, came home, showered, then ate my lunchie.  I think you guys know it by now. 


This orange was so good and juicy!  I just love when it drips down my chin and gets everything sticky.  (Cleaning it up isn’t fun of course, but you know what I mean.)  This lunch had a lot of fiber cause right now my stomach is sure feelin’ it!  Ah well, I’ll just drink some water and wait it out. 

I have tomorrow off, woohoo!  The calm before the storm…if any of you work in a grocery store, you know what I mean by that.  New Year’s Eve I go in at 4 a.m.  Yes, that freaken early.  I could shoot my boss right now for scheduling me that early, but what can I do?  I’ll tell ya right now, I am not going to be a happy camper that day unless I get some Diet. Dr. Pepper and some coffee for caffeine in me!  😛 

I’ll be back later for dinner.  Right now I’m just going to sit down and watch t.v. as always.  I hope something good is on!

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Monday Yet Again..

Happy Monday!  How are you girls doing this fine, COLD morning?  I’m freezing my booty off that’s for sure…

I woke up to get ready for work and decided on my usual bowl of cereal for breakkie this morning.  I hope I’m not boring you guys with my repeated breakfasts!  🙂  I can’t help it, it’s too good! 

  • 1 cup Kashi GoLean
  • 1 cup Vanilla Soymilk
  • 1 frozen nana


Now I have a question for those recovering/have recovered: Have you ever gotten your hunger signals back?  If so, how long, on average, did it take?  I find that I hardly ever get hungry during the day.  It’s a very rare moment when my body actually cries for food.  I’m just asking because I wonder if I’ll ever get them back, or if they do eventually come back, but only with normal eating patterns. 

Sorry for the quick post but I’ve gotta head to work pretty soon!  I’m off at 12:30 today but I’ll be back this afternoon.

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I Need Summer Back

Good evening, I hope you all had a good Sunday today!  I just got home from the store to stock up on some soup; I am seriously hating this cold weather right now but soup makes it all better for the most part. 

While at work today, my entire right foot went numb, the outside of my lips were blue and my fingers hurt like crazy.  (I work in the Produce deparment, and also in the cooler, which is around 20-30 degrees.)  It hasn’t been this bad, ever.  This is just one more reason I want to put some weight back on! 

Back to this morning; for my snack I had my last Chewy Chocolate Chip Pure Protein bar.  I didn’t like it the first time, but when I had it today, it didn’t seem as bad.  I guess I just got a bad one last time?  For lunch I had my usual roast beef sammie with a nice orange on the side.  My first orange this fall/winter! Mmmmm.  Oh, I also had a Diet. Dr. Pepper with my protein bar.  Bad, I know, but I needed it this morning.  : P

When I got off, I went home, then my mom and I went to Trader Joes to stock up on soup, as I said earlier.  I also got a greek yogurt and some more mushrooms.  Not worth a picture in my opinion.

For dinner tonight, I decided to have one of the soups that I bought: Trader Joes Black Bean Soup.  I seriously love this soup!  It’s nice and hearty without weighing you down.  This soup, along with the Split Pea, are my favorites.  I know, I know, it’s not a pretty picture, but just know that it was delicious! 


I have to go visit my grandma in a few minutes as today is her birthday.  Number 85 to be exact!  I haven’t decided if I’m going to have a snack later on or not; I haven’t had much of an appetite.  😦  If I do, I promise you’ll know about it sooner or later. 

Sleep tight lovelies!

*Edit: I just had a TootsieRoll pop and a couple dark chocolate covered raisins.  Mmmm. 

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Switchin’ It Up

Morning girlies!  What are your plans for today?

Tracking back to last night, I had an Amy’s bean and rice burrito before bed.  It was the perfect amount of food and I’m glad I bought this!  It had been a while since I’ve had one of these and the taste was just perfect.  It had the perfect amount of rice and beans, plus I loved how the ends of the tortilla got all nice and crispy.  (What is it with me and loving crispy or crunchy bread items!?  Ha) 


I then went on to have ANOTHER good night of sleep.  Yesssss.  😛  This morning when I got up I was more hungry than normal, so I decided to have one of my new Thomas’ English Muffins!  All I can say is…yum!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve had an english muffin, so this was an exciting new taste for my mouth.  I’m corny, I know.  For my topping, I had two tablespoons of light cream cheese and on the side, my trusty ‘ol frozen nana.  I’m definitely going to be having this breakfast option more often – it was delicious. 


Well girls, I’m hoping to have a decent day at work today.  Hopefully it won’t get too crazy.  I will see you all later in the day for a recap of lunch and such.  Lata!

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Shopping Galore

I didn’t end up going to the gym today, but I did end up going shopping!  The only exciting thing that I bought were some bowls that I can use for cereal and oatmeal.  Other than that, we mostly bought grocery stuff at Target.  Here are the bowls I bought for 50% off:


Sorry for the blurry picture…I need a new camera, desperately!  😛

At Target, I ended up getting some Chocolate Brownie Z-bars, Thomas Whole Wheat English Muffins, two Amy’s burritos and some salsa.  I didn’t get much, but this will last me for a little while anyway.  It’s been forever and a day since I’ve eaten an english muffin so I’m excited to try those out!  While we were browsing Linen’s ‘n Things, I realized I was hangry, so I took out my emergency chocolate chip z-bar.  No picture, obviously.  🙂  We drove to 7 Eleven so my mom could get her daily Slurpee fix, (She stays so skinny too!)  and I decided to get my fix: a Diet Dr. Pepper.  After that, we finally went home.  I was pretty tired from walking around for a couple hours so I just relaxed on my couch. 

After a while, I started getting hungry and had a late lunch.  Of course I had the usual, with my mushrooms and pickle on the side.  I forgot to take a picture of my thin crisp crackers cause they decided to be devoured before I could even remember to take out my camera!  Whoops.. 


I’ve had a really nice, relaxing day today and I don’t want it to end.  I have to work 7-3:45 tomorrow; not looking forward to that at all.  Only 11 more days until I see my nutritionist!  I can’t wait and because of that, the days seem to be passing by so slow right now. 

Hope you all have a good Saturday night!  I’ll more than likely be back later for a late dinner post.  If not, I’ll see you tomorrow morning girls!

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Refreshed At Last

Morning, morning!  Hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday thus far. 

Girls, I slept so good last night.  I went to bed around 10:30 and woke up at 8:30 this morning.  It’s about time my body allows me to get some sleep! 

For breakfast this morning, I was really craving my cereal, so I had that instead of the oatmeal I usually have on my days off.  I’m glad I did because it totally satisfying and cold.  It’s funny how some days I crave a hot bowl of oatmeal and other days I crave bowls of cold cereal – when it’s 35 degrees outside!  In my bowl I had:

  • 1 cup Kashi GoLean
  • 2 tablespoons Trader Joes Granola
  • 1 cup Vanilla soymilk
  • a frozen naner


My plans for the day don’t include much as of right now.  I’m going to head over to the gym around 11 or so to do the elliptical for about half an hour, then my mom and I are supposed to go shopping.  I’m hoping we get to go to Target and World Market so I can get some oatmeal bowls, some new spoons, (I LOVE those tiny spoons that everyone seems to have here on the blogs.)  and maybe some new coffee cups.  As for that, I don’t know what else I’m going to do today.  I just want to lay low today and relax.  🙂

Be back later loves!

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